Trident by Scott Creasey (PDF Download)

Trident by Scott Creasey (PDF Download)

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Scott Creasey - Trident (official PDF)

Trident – The Three-Pronged Attack
Three phases
Three Spectators
Three Business Cards

Mind reading, Prediction and Psychometry, including an additional shorter bonus version called ‘Trident 2.0’.

Trident is a tried and tested mentalism/psychic entertainment routine I’ve worked to death for years, using nothing more than three business cards and a pen.

In this 31-page manuscript, I teach my favourite close-up three-phase routine which demonstrates mind reading, prediction and Psychometry/Psychological profiling, and includes an additional shorter bonus version called ‘Trident 2.0’.

Two variations of the same routine are included, the first for those who prefer the metaphysical or psychic approach to mentalism and the second for those who favour the science in action, or body language/psychology approach.

Each version (and the bonus routine) Includes full descriptions of the props and methods but more importantly the psychology behind each stage.
Read what the others have to say below.

“Scott is giving you another one of his fantastic routines.
A mix of methods and subtleties that create three great phases. For those that love to mix readings with your mentalism then this is up your alley. But, as usual, Scott gives you other presentations that do not need a talent for readings.
?This is a killer routine that uses just a few business cards and a pen. Once you understand all the phases you will be able to create what you need on the spot with any 3 business cards. Need I say more? It’s from Scott: GET IT!!”

Greg Arce


“I’ve gone through Trident and I never fail to smile at how much mileage you always can get out of simple ideas.
It is like a full show in itself, with a nice 3 phase build – which was what your intent was, I’m sure.”

Nique Tan


“As a long-time student of your work, I marvel at how your routines continue to become increasingly simplified in props and handling, yet somehow more powerful in effect.
In trying to describe Trident, I find nothing better than your words written on page 10 of the manuscript:

“…take note of the positive aspects this three-phase routine has to offer. You
only need to have three business cards in your wallet and access to a pen and you can
perform it just about anywhere. It includes direct mind reading, a prediction, further mind
reading and a psychometry style effect which includes psychic readings, this makes it very
personal. Best of all each phase seems to be pretty much hands off with most of the work
(mixing, dealing and choosing) done by the spectators.  I’ve got to say, it’s one of my favourites.”

Well done, Scott.  I look forward to performing this.”

Bill O’Connell