TOTEMS by Barbu Nitelea (Video Download)

TOTEMS by Barbu Nitelea (Video Download)

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TOTEMS by Barbu Nitelea (Instant Download)
A levitation, a coin bend and a weird rubber band illusion.
"You create the world of the dream. We bring the subject into that dream. And they fill it with their subconcious. Dreams... they feel real while we're in them, right? It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange..." - Cobb (Inception)
Everybody needs a totem to keep track of the reality. Barbumagic presents Totems, and here are 3 of them.
The ET Levitation: The ring is floating instead of falling to the ground. This is a one handed floating ring with a quick set-up. This is great as an oppener, because it’s quick, visual and get’s people intrigued.
Inception Bend: The coin looks like it’s bending. There is also a double coin bend routine, with one coin bending in your hand and the other one in the spectators hand, which is pretty difficult for the spectator to backtrack.
Chainsaw Rubber Band: This is a pretty weird illusion, the elastic band is staying stretched instead of snapping back to its original form.
All objects can be immediately handed out for examination after the effects.
There are gimmicks involved that are easily found at most magic dealers. But the objects that you are doing the effects with can also be borrowed, if they meet the requirements for the effects.
As a bonus there is also a brief explanation of the spinning card behind the back from the trailer.
Welcome to the Totems!
Five stars
This would be one of the best downloads I've had in a long while. Bias because I luv ring float and coin bends. For sure, a great coin bend which should have been picked up with Penn's coin Vex 3. The ring float is awesome, quick, and how it should be. It stuns people with shock, that's how it should be. I have just about all the coin bends and coin bend props and this is certainly A class material. You don't need gimmicks. Highly, highly recommend this download if these illusions are what you are looking for. Stunning.
This magic is fabulous! Just 5 stars!