Tommy Cooper - The Very Best Of Tommy Cooper (video download)

Tommy Cooper - The Very Best Of Tommy Cooper (video download)

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Comedy Magic Show Tommy Cooper - The Very Best Of

This compilation pays tribute to a man who had such a talent for comedy that he was capable of entertaining an audience with appalling magic tricks, horrendous jokes and the stage presence of a clumsy giant. Born in 1922 in Caerphilly, Glamorganshire, Tommy Cooper was to become one of the best-loved British comedians of all time and his sudden death on stage in 1984 left the showbiz world mourning a great comedian and magician. His act began life whilst he was training in the army. Tommy's humour lay in his ability to mess up magic tricks in the most remarkable way. His comic genius and talent for timing marked him out for success and once he had adopted his trade mark fez he was on his way to super-stardom. Cooper became a familiar face on British television through out the 60's and 70's. An all round entertainer, he excelled in the light entertainment genre, frequently appearing on variety shows and invariably succeeding in stealing the limelight every time.
This specially selected selection contains some extracts from Cooper at his best including his infamous appearances on Parkinson andThe Bob Monkhouse Showwhich left the hosts in stitches.