Thought-Full Telepathy by Chuck Hickok (PDF Download)

Thought-Full Telepathy by Chuck Hickok (PDF Download)

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Chuck Hickok - Thought-Full Telepathy

PDF download

Thought-Full Telepathy. If you perform a telepathy routine, this 64 page booklet is a must! It contains proven methods and strategies for making any telepathy demonstration more believable, amazing, and entertaining.

Using just one gaffed book, you learn how to quickly reveal the thoughts of seven people in your audience. You receive Chuck's complete script in addition to a full description of each of the three easy-to-learn methods he uses. But, it is the 15 page section on presentational concepts that will appeal to the serious mentalist - offering many practical tips and ideas you can use immediately.

This routine uses a common mentalism tool - a flashback book - that is not included.