The Whisper Tapes Vol 1 The Intuition Effect by Lewis Le Val

The Whisper Tapes Vol 1 The Intuition Effect by Lewis Le Val

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The Whisper Tapes Vol 1: The Intuition Effect by Lewis Le Val

The Whisper Tapes is a collection of exclusive mentalism video downloads by Lewis Le Val that are only available for customers of
VOL 1 - The Intuition Effect
In this download, Le Val shares a routine from his professional performances.
Using a deck of cards, your spectator manages to not once, but twice use their intuition to find a particular card from a shuffled deck.
This routine uses NO GIMMICKS, minimal setup and can be performed with a borrowed deck.
First Phase:
With a shuffled deck, the spectator makes some free decisions with the deck, and even though they remain in control of the deck and their choices at all times, they are intuitively guided to the exact card you want them to have.
Second Phase:
The deck is shuffled thoroughly by the spectator and they begin to deal cards, face down, into your hand. Again, given a free choice to stop dealing whenever they like, no matter where they decide to stop, they will ALWAYS land on that selected card again.
The Intuition Effect is EXTREMELY EASY to perform and works every time. It also makes use of some classic basics in terms of method, allowing you to quickly gain a sense of familiarity with the routine, which will have you performing this fantastic routine almost immediately!
Ever get asked, “How do you do that?” well, now you can show them! This routine causes your spectator to achieve the effect, in such a way that feels completely real to them. This of course further solidifies the mystery of your skills.