The Two Tenners by Alexander Marsh (2020 Video version Download)

The Two Tenners by Alexander Marsh (2020 Video version Download)

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The Two Tenners by Alexander Marsh (2020 video version download)

 The PERFECT hook to start a trick for strangers: a $10 bet! An ingenious method makes this a trick you'll be performing for a lifetime. 
"Alex is one of my favorite mentalists. He knows more about presenting entertaining mentalism for real world audiences than almost anyone else I know. 'The Two Tenners', which utilizes his 'Subconscious Switch', is one of the most breathtakingly ingenious routines I've ever come across. It's practical, brilliant and utterly baffling, and could be a stand-out item in any show or performance." - Ian Rowland

"I especially like the deviousness of The Two Tenners. Lovely thinking." - Oliver Meech

Serial Number revelations are the sort of pack small play huge effects that are the bread and butter of mentalists.

Alexander Marsh has developed an effect that allows you to reveal the serial number on a borrowed bill in a fun and fooling way. All you need is Two Tenners.

Here’s what happens:
The magician and the spectator each put up some money for a bet.

No matter the outcome the magician offers to go double or nothing if they can divine the serial number on the spectator’s bill.

With the spectator in control of both bills the performer is able to successfully reveal the entire serial number of the borrowed bill.

Perfect for both close up and stage, this download provides detailed instruction on how to perform this miracle both with and without gimmicks, as well as in an impromptu situation.

Easy to do, this incredible serial number divination is Marsh’s unique method for revealing the serial number from a borrowed bill using a psychological switch that is ultra deceptive.

No impression devices, peek wallets, or electronics required. This method will allow you to read minds with just Two Tenners.