The Secret Self Psychological Profile System by Jheff

The Secret Self Psychological Profile System by Jheff

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Jheff – Secret Self Psychological Profile System

This reading system is the easiest and most powerful psychological profile system! I know this because I was looking for one that had all the components I desired and, though there are many really good ones out there, none really hit the mark I sought. So I created what I wanted.

All you need to do is ask five fun and simple questions designed to elicit discussion:

1. What is your favorite color at this moment?
2. What is your favorite animal at this moment?
3. What food do you feel like eating at this moment?
4. What place would you like to go at this moment?
5. If you could wish for anything at all at this moment, what would it be?

Then you check off a few character traits on a card, discuss them, and hand the card to the participant or client for a souvenir.

Here are the features that I desired and incorporated into this system:

– No memorization necessary
– Easy to understand, yet powerfully versatile system
– Each client gets a souvenir card
– Each card is customizable for contact info
– Can be done over the Internet or the phone
– Readings can be short or long
– Can be used for groups
– A very useful tool for the beginning or experienced reader

The instantly downloadable 30-page PDF also contains suggested lines to use written by Scott Grossberg. You also get the templates to print out the SECRET SELF PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE cards. All you’ll need is cardstock and something to cut the cards into quarters.

Be careful, though. If you carry around these cards and do one for a party guest or meeting attendee, you’ll get a ton of requests to do them until the end of the event! Trust me! It’s happened more than once to me and to several purchasers of this program. This is a unique reading system that’s fun to do, can be extremely profitable, and is just as effective as any other reading system, if not more so.

If you’ve wanted to learn how to do a reading system, or if you want to add a new type of reading to the ones you already do, this is one that you definitely want to get!

NOTE: This system is English based. It can certainly be adapted to other languages, but you will have to put in the work to do so.

“Truly amazing! I love the fact that people who’ve never given a reading before can use it, and get good results. I’m even more impressed that experienced readers can also use it to give detailed, comprehensive and insightful readings with it. I love what was done with the Psychometry A to Z system. Scott Grossberg’s additional material is extremely useful, and I particularly liked his lines for each keyword.”
– Richard Webster

“I’m looking for a reading system with virtually no memorization (I’m 52, and the mind’s a sieve). YOUR system is the best I’ve seen, Jheff, and perfect for me.”
– Gabe Abelson