The Sandwich Peek by Scott Creasey (MP4 Video Download)

The Sandwich Peek by Scott Creasey (MP4 Video Download)

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Scott Creasey - The Sandwich Peek Download INSTANTLY

Welcome to the ‘Sandwich Peek’ video, another of my no frills video releases.
​A very simple, very versatile card peek.
I originally designed the sandwich peek for use with business cards while I was working as a table hopping mentalist. However like most things in life, the idea evolved over time and so I  adapted the technique for use with double blank cards, Tarot cards and even playing cards.
In this 48 minute vide
you will learn the full peek and the psychology behind every move, before we explore a number of variations.

Greg Arce
“Well, Scott never stops working. He has come up with another cool peek using just a stack of business cards and a gimmick you make yourself. Don’t worry, it’s a gimmick that anyone can make and doesn’t need any special tools. He also teaches you his brilliant choreography for getting the peek and ends by being reset to do it again….and again….and again. By the way you are getting a peek of the entire surface of the card. Oh and he teaches you a deceptive move that ends up allowing you to hand the card back to the spectator.  Another brilliant worker idea from the man that continually creates miracles with all the basic props we have….if you can call a marker pen and a stack of business cards Props.”


Bill O’Connell
“Very nice handling.  So deceptive and smooth.
This is a fantastic full billet peek that is oh so deceptive. I love how it can be used with business cards, double blank playing cards, regular playing cards, tarot cards and more.

Quite a few good full billet peeks have been released in recent years. But many require either unnatural or odd looking moves, sleights that may be troublesome with dry hands or both. The Sandwich Peek solves those problems and the handling looks so completely normal.

I have all of Scott’s releases from the last several years, and that’s really his genius. Finding things that look odd, out of place or unnatural and figuring out how to eliminate them so the presentation looks completely normal.

If you like full billet peeks that are easy to execute and look entirely natural, I think you will love The Sandwich Peek.