The Jerx - JAMM #1-12 all 12 Issues

The Jerx - JAMM #1-12 all 12 Issues

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Andy - The Jerx - JAMM #1-12 all 12 Issues

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The Jerx Amateur Magic Monthly

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The JAMM is a monthly 20+-page pdf magazine for the people who support this site. It contains tricks, reviews, and theory that is primarily geared towards those of us who perform in casual, non-professional situations (or those who want to bring elements of that style to their professional work). It will be like your favorite parts of traditional magic magazines, except the reviews won't ever mention "reset time," there won't be any crusty old letters between Thurston and some other dull fossil, and I probably use the phrase "hunk of shit" to describe an effect I don't like more than your typical magic mag.