The Color-Filled Kidshow by David Ginn (MP4 Video Download)

The Color-Filled Kidshow by David Ginn (MP4 Video Download)

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The Color-Filled Kidshow by David Ginn

Join David Ginn for 84 minutes of fun and magical education in this live lecture! Taped at the 2006 FCM conference in Marion, Indiana, The Color-Filled Kidshow is all about adding color to your performance. David talks about how & why children love colorful things, then illustrates by presenting full versions of some favorite warm-up tricks: Silk Illusion, Color Changing Shoelaces, and Hot Flip Flops. Next David performs and explains colorful magic to music: Balancing a Cane, Stretching a Rainbow, Color Explosion Blendo, Different D'Lites, and Colorful Wreaths. As he talks of "acting" while performing to music, he explains his Sponge Balls & Silk Production pictured on the DVD cover. Other tricks & explanations include: Silver Sceptre, Cheat Blendo with a Message, Three Cup Water Monte, how to get more out of the Magic Coloring Book, and finally — how to LOAD a magic hat. You'll not only enjoy watching this lecture, you'll have fun LEARNING. And even more fun when you use this material in your own shows for children.