The Ant queen Aaron Alexander

The Ant queen Aaron Alexander

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I had only oneIncredible Hulkcomic growing up. The story had to do with Hulk having amnesia and working as a bouncer or something, but that’s not what stuck with me. What I could still rememberyears later was a parallel story line where some odd guy, possibly dressed in medieval minstrel clothes, just went around making people happy in slightly magical ways. He would make a bickering old couple suddenly see the person they fell in love with again, and a bunch of other pretty random things. It had nothing to do with bouncer-Hulk, and was probably a setup for some future issue that I didn’t ever read.* What really struck me was that in a comic about a guy whose super power is to lose his shit and punch everything into oblivion, this fruity guy actually had a way better super power.

In fact, in terms of having the most interesting life, best interaction/non-literal impact with people, and least chance of inadvertently punching, zapping or stabbing the wrong thing into oblivion, you’d be hard pressed to find any hero in the Justice League with a better set of powers. And given the complex personal, social and, for lack of a better word, spiritual nature of crime, his gift would probably have a better net effect on the crime rate as well.

What I didn’t know growing up was that this kind of thing is a “power” and a gift that we can actually have in this non-illustrated world, and that it is just one of many.The Ant Queenteaches one of these. There is no trick, it is not an illusion. It is 100% genuine, and 100% reliable.

And you don’t have to take my word on that because you can just have the bookon one condition:Actually go out and use it at least once.As long as you use it, you are welcome to share the method, the book, and the experience freely. It’s my gift to you, and yours to whomever you choose, in whatever way you choose.

“A genuine demonstration of magic that leaves the spectator with a unique and positive experience which they will cherish for many years.”
-Keith Barry
“This is not just an interesting idea, it works so smoothly that it will almost feel non-existent.”
-Alain Nu
“This work is genius. This is something i will be using, coveting and building upon.”
-Gavin O’rourke-Soccorso
“This book is wonderful. I’ve got several variations & unique applications that I want to start experimenting with immediately and I expect amazing things to come of it!”
-Jerome Finley