Tarbell 79 Escapes & Substitutions

Tarbell 79 Escapes & Substitutions

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Tarbell 79: Escapes & Substitutions (Instant Download)

Add drama, danger, and dazzling speed to your show with these routines!

The Substitution Trunk Mystery: 

Dan shows you the now-standard Substitution Trunk (or Metamorphosis), performed differently.

The Canvas Box Escape: 
Dan transforms the substitution trunk into a modern, urban mystery with an instantaneous, and unexpected, exchange. 

The Royal Packing Box Escape: 
You'll learn how to constuct a coffin escape complete with menacing spikes and a shocking ending.

Grant's Packing Box Escape: 
Easy to build and perform, this box can be inspected and signed by the whole audience, yet your escape takes only seconds.

Tarbell- Grant Packing Box Escape: 
This seemingly straight-forward packing crate escape becomes a weird visible penetration effect explaining how the performer melts right through solid walls.

Fischer-Bamberg Packing Box Escape: 
You'll learn the clever secret of an innocent-looking box that still allows you to make a quick escape even though it's securely bound by ropes.

The Paper Bag Escape: 
An unusual escape, typically done with a paper bag, is updated to a large, clear, heavy-duty, plastic bag.

The Bonbon Paper Bag Escape: 
Dan's modern take on a silly idea becomes a wonderfully stunning showstopper. You'll learn to escape from two trash barrells locked together.