Tarbell 62: Modern Mental Mysteries Part 2 (Instant Download)

Tarbell 62: Modern Mental Mysteries Part 2 (Instant Download)

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Tarbell 62: Modern Mental Mysteries Part 2 (Instant Download)

Sure-fire mental MIRACLES concealed by brilliant presentations.

The Impossible Prediction:

A triple coincidence finds a random helper predicting a chosen cocktail, and you provide all the right ingredients.

The Royal Telephone Test:
A direct method for the perennial favorite telephone card trick, updated with options for the cellphone era.

Tarbell's "Bank Night":
A new presentation and handling with prize bubbles that breathes new life into Bank Night, making everyone a winner, especially you.

The Psychic Number 7:
A closely-guarded method to code any playing card over the phone, explained here for the first time ever.

Sunshine's "Stop Card" Mystery:
Three spectators are called upon to locate their own cards through intuition, and they do, with quite a bit of help from this clever new handling.

Synthetic Sympathy:
A quick, impromptu card-matching trick by Ted Annemann that will put your card handling skills to good use.

Spirit Photography:
Learn how to make a special envelope that can recieve written messages faster than email.

The X-Ray Cards:
A do-it-yourself deck of cards seems completely ordinary but contains a secret way for you to see any card returned anywhere.