System 88 by Docc Hilford and Dr. Lisa Chin (PDF Download)

System 88 by Docc Hilford and Dr. Lisa Chin (PDF Download)

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System 88 by Docc Hilford and Dr. Lisa Chin

Successful members of the PEA or PUA communities understand the most powerful demonstration of worth is the ability toapproach a woman cold, yet instantly and accurately reveal her deepest intimate secrets and desires. This is more than mentalism, it's aPOWER. A power that attracts - it attracts money, women, prestige and fame.

Clever cold reading techniques require years of study and practice and don't deliver the power a master of the Game necessitates. Most mentalists substitute strong mind tricks because they lack the true power of a master mind --power for which we so desperately hunger.

Under these demanding conditions, requesting someone to write down personal information is ridiculous. Billets, trick wallets, carbon paper, swami writers and cold reading lines won't help. In fact, here they just make you seem like a phony trickster.

System 88isNOT simple COLD READING, it doesNOTrequire an understanding of human nature! Within seconds of selecting a target subject,System 88analyzes the subject, filters through 3,337,000 combinations of specific personality traits andreveals to you over 50 different singularities. These are easily listed on theSystem 88chart, a pocket-size card that each subject keeps and cherishes for years.

System 88is amazingly accurate. Developed by professional mind reader, Docc Hilford and clinical psychologist, Dr. Lisa Chin, it analyzes and defines over 50 personal characteristics. The target subject will be in shock at the unimpeachable information shown to her.

There's NOTHING TO MEMORIZE! AlthoughSystem 88can generate over 3,000,000 different factual readings, everything is designed into the chart. It works automatically! If a "tic sheet" is like a tricycle, thenSystem 88is like a Ferrari!

Once you know a VERY SIMPLE formula, theSystem 88chart can be used with ANY type of divination technique or psychological test. You'll be able to useSystem 88to accurately read palms, handwriting or the color of a woman's attire! The charts are the right size to carry anywhere and can have your contact information printed on them. Using them will generate fame and fortune because they're perfect for walk-around gigs or trade shows!

BUT WAIT!System 88also explains a psychological game that Dr. Lisa Chin has used for years to psychologically assess clients. They imagine five simple items and the analyst knows virtually EVERYTHINHG about the client's subconscious desires! Mentioned in a best selling book about how to meet beautiful women, theSystem 88game hasnever before been explained for use by mentalists.

System 88is 60 pages of information that you MUST HAVE! You will also get a print-ready copy of the chart. AndMOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, you get special permission to copy the charts for resale to the paying public. This arrangement would cost tens of thousands of dollars if purchased individually. There will only be 1000 numbered copies of System 88 for sale.

Then, they'll be VERY rare and VERY expensive.

Look at All You Get:


  • "Quick Learn" Formula
  • Pocket Chart with over 3 MILLION different readings
  • Special Permission to print and resell the charts
  • "What-to-Say" written script
  • 60 Page Book
  • 21 Pages of meanings
  • Example of a complete reading in detail