Steve Reynolds - Meddler's Assembly

Steve Reynolds - Meddler's Assembly

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A unique assembly effect that you must see to believe.

Really, an assembly? Yes!

Steve has many unique handlings for the classic assembly effect, and this is no exception. In this downloadable video, Steve walks you through what we feel is one of the best versions to date.

Above and beyond the ageless effect of three Kings magically jumping from one space to join the leader King, at the conclusion of Meddler’s, all seven of the cards in play instantly transform into the four Aces. It’s startling, to say the least.

For only $5, you can learn this brilliant handling which has been picked straight out of Steve’s performing repertoire. You know Steve is a details kinda guy, and you can expect several expert tips and finesses that you can apply to your current card magic.

This is bound to change the way you think about classic effects, so download now!