Spirit Can by David Ethan (PDF Download)

Spirit Can by David Ethan (PDF Download)

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Spirit Can
by David Ethan

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Spirit Can is an original technique for constructing a gimmicked can. The can looks regular, is under pressure, and makes characteristic noise when the magician or the spectator opens it... but it's a gimmicked can!!! It allows you to load anything inside, and the can looks like a brand new one.

In this trick booklet, you will find this technique and 3 tricks using it:

Spirit Can: A straw doesn’t want to stay in the can, and so it jumps to the ceiling!!!

Half-Substitution: Sometimes magic doesn't work... you failed the can substitution but succeeded with the beverage substitution.

Can Revelation: It's crazy all the things you can find in a can...

Knowing this technique, you will use your imagination to find other tricks using it.

Instructional Booklet Pages 12