Spheras Vol 1 by Miguel Munoz (MP4 Video Download)

Spheras Vol 1 by Miguel Munoz (MP4 Video Download)

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Miguel Munoz - Spheras Vol.1


Spheras vol. 1 is a video tutorial for magicians. A full lecture which contains routines, techniques and theory. Understand how the world champion, Miguel Muñoz, creates his magic.

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“A fantastic work!!.  Slydinis techniques taken to the stage in a very personal and creative way ” Hector Mancha.

“From Slydini to Miguel Muñoz, a journey full of magic, imposible, power and beauty.”  Gea

“Miguel is a world class magician and a juggler. He approaches ball manipulation in a way never seen before. A truly inspiring work” Pipo Villanueva.

“Technique, magical structure and artistic view together in this work. A revolution in the field of ball manipulation” Alberto De Figueiredo.

Spheras vol. 1 is the new work by Grand Prix Fism winner Miguel Muñoz.

A study on how to use Slydini´s system when you work standing up.

New techniques, routines, ideas and theoretical concepts. Look at ball manipulation from a refreshing and different perspective.

A very practical work to be used on stage, parlour or close-up.

Come into Miguel Muñoz world to understand his magic, how he works and how he design his techniques.

A unique and unmissable work!!!!