Simon Caine - EIDETIC

Simon Caine - EIDETIC

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Simon Caine - EIDETIC

Eideticis a collection of four easy to perform yet hard-hitting, commercial routines that will leave your audiences utterly convinced that you have a super human memory skills that you can even share with them!

LOCI Revisited// Originally released as a stand-alone manuscript, LOCI is as close to the real thing as it gets. A deck is openly shuffled by the audience and committed to memory by the performer. First, you spot a card moved in the deck by a participant, and can even put it back in the right place. Then, you are able to recall the random order of any random suit. Finally, an audience member calls out any number between 1 and 52, and you can cleanly state the card at that number. The Revisited version replaces a few of the more 'technical' aspects of the original routine, placing it firmly within reach of any performer, without any sacrifice to the effect.

Powerlifter// Your participant fairly isolates a packet of cards in the deck with two marker cards. With a single riffle, you are able to instantly count the number of cards in this packet. This is repeated, with another packet being shuffled face up into the rest of the deck. After looking at the spread for just a few seconds, you are able to again name the number of cards in the packet AND also name each card individually in their shuffled order.

Idiot Savant// The deck is shuffled and a single card taken by a participant and reversed. After spreading the deck face up and looking at it for a few seconds, you are able to work out the identity of the reversed card, just from your mental image of the deck. Then, you name three numbers. The participant deals down to the card at each of these numbers, only to have dealt to the three mates of the reversed card.

Rogue// You offer to share your skills with a participant, and give them an incredible subconscious memory. Without knowing how they did it, after only looking at a genuinely shuffled deck for a few seconds, they will be able to locate any randomly named cards!

Best of all, these routines require no actual taxing memory work and are perfect for parlour, stage and even close up.

If you want to convince your audience that you (or they!) have a genuine super skill,Eideticis for you!