Si Stebbins System by Steve Branham (Merlin) (DVD download)

Si Stebbins System by Steve Branham (Merlin) (DVD download)

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Si Stebbins Memorized Deck System by Steve Branham

Original DVD download

The greatest simple card system on the planet!

With the Si Stebbins System you will be able to call the selected card instantly and find any card in the deck! With a minimum of practice you will know where any card is in the deck. You appear to be a genius! In the 60 minute running time are goodies that really baffle!

Master Routines are a DVD series that will teach you full routines that you can learn in minutes, put into your professional act and perform to an amazed audience.

The Si Stebbins System is a closely guarded secret and a required tool for any serious professional magician.

You will learn:

    Pick Three

    The Joker Knows

    Stuck in the Middle

    Encore Card Stab

    Face Up Do as I Do

    Dream Poker Deal

    and so much more.

In addition to learning the secrets of the Stebbins formula from professional magician Steve Branham, there are two killer BONUS effects included.

60 minutes running time.