Secret Vol. 3 Shimpei Katsuragawa by Tokyo Magic Carnival

Secret Vol. 3 Shimpei Katsuragawa by Tokyo Magic Carnival

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Secret Vol. 3 Shimpei Katsuragawa by Tokyo Magic Carnival

Shimpei Katsuragawa is an artist who fuses classical music with card magic. Shimpei incorporates a modern style as he elegantly plays with cards along with classical music. 

His card handling flows like water as he performs each and every move. 

The Pinky Count is one of the basic card sleights in magic, and is essential when talking about Shimpei. 

On this DVD, Shimpei reveals for the first time all of the closely guarded methods of his pinky count. 

Mastering the pinky count will enable you to perform at your best even in bad conditions, such as being completely surrounded. 

A detailed teaching session on a wide variety of effects and techniques is included. With just one technique, you will feel the range of your artistic expression expand. 

Performing beautiful magic without a single suspicious move is the goal of this DVD. 


Pinky Count (Basics)

  • How to hold the deck/position of fingers

  • How to count with cards

  • Basic usage

  • Advanced usage

Pinky Count (Practical exercises)

  • 1 Invention C-dur

  • 2 Collector

  • 3 Four-Card Monte

  • 4 Estimation

  • 5 Spring Thaw


  • A session with Shimpei and Dr. Sawa is featured

  • They discuss their philosophy regarding how to perform wondrous effects. How can one bring their performance of a magic trick to a higher level of perfection? You will find answers to such questions in the discussion between these 2 charismatic magicians.

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