Scarne's Guide to Modern Poker By John Scarne (PDF Download)

Scarne's Guide to Modern Poker By John Scarne (PDF Download)

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John Scarne - Scarne's Guide to Modern Poker

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This book can change your gambling future! John Scarne, who is widely recognized as today's greatest gambling expert, reveals the secrets and strategies you need to increase your enjoyment - and winnings - at the world's most popular card game. Scarne lays down the rules of all 117 forms of poker - including the latest variations like Texas Hold 'Em - making this book invaluable as a source of new games and as the arbiter in any disputes. Where at one time the ultimate verdict on rules was 'according to Holye', today it is 'according to Scarne'. Learn how to: Bet like an expert; Protect yourself from poker cheats; Use probabilities to enhance your game; Balance caution against betting courage; Bluff successfully; Master the twenty vital strategies every expert player must know; Handle your money wisely over an evening game - and over a poker lifetime.