Rubik's Dream (Three Sixty Edition) by Henry Harrius

Rubik's Dream (Three Sixty Edition) by Henry Harrius

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Rubik's Dream - Three Sixty Edition By Henry Harrius

Rubiks Dream 360 Tutorial

This just might be the "holy grail" of Rubik's Cube magic. This unbelievable shell fits over a Rubik's Cube and locks into place, so even a spectator can hold it. Then (and this is the part that is hard to believe), you can twist the cube with the shell on it. How does it work? You need to see it to believe it.

Henry Harrius brought us "Rubik's Dream," the hit sensation Rubik's Cube trick from 2017. This new shell, RD360, is the perfect companion to the original, but allows you to do many new and exciting things. The tutorial is 110 minutes long and features 8 new routines, including the Akira Solve, which is visual madness.

From this shell alone you can construct the perfect routine: the spectator mixes a cube, you place it in a paper sack, and then the SPECTATOR removes the cube...solved. The bag is empty, everything is clean. MIRACLE!

"BEST Rubik's Cube utility device I have ever seen. I'm adding it into my show today!"Steven Brundage
“I LOVE all of Henry’s work. It’s beautiful, visual, and practical. I can’t wait for RD360”Shin Lim
“RD360 is definitely one of the best answer. The audience will feel a real magical moment.”Takamiz Usui
“Henry Harrius does it again! The 360° shell makes Rubik’s cube magic so deceptive while making it so simple to perform.”Karl Hein
"This is AMAZING! A perfect solution that opens up new doors for Cube Magic.. Bravo! "Nicholas Lawrence