Robert A. Nelson - Course in PSEUDO STAGE HYPNOTISM

Robert A. Nelson - Course in PSEUDO STAGE HYPNOTISM

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Robert A. Nelson - Course in PSEUDO STAGE HYPNOTISM


You don't have to learn real hypnosis to add a couple of entertaining pseudo-hypnotic demonstrations to your magic or mentalism program. Anyone who has ever seen John Calvert or Paul Daniels perform "Pseudo Hypnosis" will appreciate the tremendous entertainment potential and audience appeal of these feats. They are often the most talked about routines on the program. And the entire process is fully explained, including the real secrets of "Cold Cueing" spectators on stage. This information - along with the detailed explanation of The Sensational Hypnotic Rigid Test, where a "hypnotized" subject's body becomes so rigid that he can be suspended between two chairs - makes this course invaluable to any working magician or mentalist. Yes, you'll be able to add this incredible stunt to your show after reading this book!

What's more, no lengthy study is required, because pseudo hypnotism is a combination of Suggestion and 90% trickery. Nelson, who owned and produced the "Mr. Q" Hypnotic Show; also tells you how to perform various, surefire comedy hypnotic tests, how to routine and operate your show, work with subjects, what to say and even, how to say it. Plus, there's even a section on hypnotizing rabbits and other animals. New, high quality, print-on-demand edition. 26 pages.