Ringnature by Ed Ellis

Ringnature by Ed Ellis

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Ringnature was a huge hit of mine at Blackpool 2010. It's first release was on Ed Ellis's Volume 5 "The Castle Routine" DVD and since then I've had many magicians ask for it as a single effect, so now is your chance.

The magician has a spectator sign any selected card and then has the card lost within the deck. At this point, you ask the spectator to borrow their ring and you string it onto a rubber band. The ring and rubber band are wrapped not once, but twice around the entire deck of cards with the ring visibly on top of the pack.

In a split second the ring and rubber band both vanish out of sight. This is the first magical moment. The magician then cuts the deck and out of the middle the spectator sees one card with a band wrapped tightly around it. The card is turned over to be revealed as the signed selection and still holding the ring attached.

The spectator gets to keep the ring, rubber band and signed card as a souvenir!