Psychic Spinner presented by Dalton Wayne

Psychic Spinner presented by Dalton Wayne

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Psychic Spinner presented by Dalton Wayne

instructions only download , Not props included

Take a mysterious object, imbue it with mind-reading powers, then.. if and only if you're crazy... even make it float!! 

Psychic Spinner takes something that's already magical (spinners), something people ALREADY don't entirely understand, and imbues it with a mind-reading spirit (awesome!)... and then.... if you're willing to crank it up to 11.... if you're willing to redline.... there's even more.

Name your spinner's spirit, or insist it's just the newest brain-wave detecting technology out of Silicon Valley. Whichever way you present this, it's a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

In the instructional video you'll learn step-by-step, in great detail how to perform every aspect of Psychic Spinner from Dalton Wayne.