Power Games by Luke Jermay

Power Games by Luke Jermay

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In this 23-minute downloadable MP3 audio file, Luke Jermay discusses how you can perform truly killer mentalism in casual settings.

We’ve all faced this: an unexpected request from a friend, colleague or even a complete stranger to “do something” at a party, in the office, at a restaurant or bar…or even on the street. The key here is leveraging the situation — a less-than-ideal performance environment — and turning it to your advantage in order to deliver a compelling, high-impact demonstration. In this download, Luke shares his real-world personal approach to this common problem, one he’s used with enormous success over the years in his own work. Please note that this is not a “trick,” but rather an innovative approach to performing mentalism in casual settings that you’ll apply right away using the effects and routines already in your professional arsenal. Power Games is a simple, elegant presentational methodology that allows you to maximize your “power” as a performer and leave your audiences with a compelling story they’ll be talking about to others for years.


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