Pit Hartling - In Order To Amaze (PDF Download)

Pit Hartling - In Order To Amaze (PDF Download)

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In Order To Amaze by Pit Hartling (PDF)

Pit Hartling - In Order To Amaze
NEW - Just been released to the public.
Pit Hartling - In Order To Amaze - BOOK


High in the mountains, cards behave in mysterious ways.Three cards. Three free selections. Three perfect echoes.

Catch Me If You Can
It‘s sleight of hand vs. test conditions in this impossibletwo-deck sandwich routine.

The Poker Formulas
Deal any poker hand to any number of players. A Full, Threesover Jacks for nine players? You got it. (No math or memory required).

Close Encounters
Same cards from different decks like to meet up and hangout. A best-buddy triple coincidence.

An incredible, impossible location, using a shuffled stack! (Oh, and it’s funny, too!)

The Core
Find a thought-of card and see why a deck is like a piece of fruit. Also: How to peel a deck!

Thought Exchange
Why do all the work alone? This time you find their thought-of card – and they find yours!

A gambling demonstration for people who don’t play cards: Duplicate random hands from a shuffled! deck.

Just like that!
"Teach me a trick!" You do, they succeed - and they have no idea how they did it!

Four Way Stop
A slow-motion quadruple stop trick. Not so easy, but Oh. So.Fair.

Top of the Heaps
Four random packets. A freely named four-of-a-kind. And for once, the laying-on of hands really works!

Impossible Bet
Four packets change into a Royal Flush? In one second, with one hand, without looking? Yep.

The Illusionist
Cut to a freely named four-of-a-kind – that was actually in your pocket the whole time!

A triple back and forth change of random cards into a named quartet. Highly visual (and rumoured to get screams!)

Fairy Tale Poker
The enchanted deck that will grant your spectators’ wishes!(Talking frog not included).

The Right Kind of Wrong
Sometimes dead wrong is exactly right - if only seen from another deck!

The Chosen
A freely named quartet. Four freely chosen cards. Four perfect hits.

Poker Night at the Improv
A fun little monster of a routine: Think »Suit Appearance« –done with poker hands!

Game of Chance
A simple game of red or black – or is it? When colours turn against you…

The Heavyweight
The Human Scale outdone: Sense how many cards they cut –even before they cut!

Murphy’s Law
How unlucky can one guy be? The ultimate bad-luck test – horribly funny and ridiculously amazing

»Don't let the subtitle ›A Collection of Memorized-Deck Magic‹ fool you: this book is of tremendous value to anyone who's interested in clever, artful card magic - regardless of whether or not you ever use a memorized deck«
— Simon Aronson

»In the first years after ›Mnemonica‹ there were many contributions in form of ideas and tricks by many magicians, but without a doubt, the most coherent and creative corpus, the most distinct and profound work were the effects created and published by Pit.«
— Juan Tamariz