Peter Turner - New York, New York! (Lecture Notes, official PDF)

Peter Turner - New York, New York! (Lecture Notes, official PDF)

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Peter Turner - New York Lecture Notes

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New York, New York! (Lecture Notes)

As many of you are aware I was due to give a lecture and workshop in NY last year but due to ill health, hospital visits and the loss of my old man it was put on the back burner.

I intended to re-Instate the lecture early on in the year but started filming with a major tv player it again got put on the back burner.

I’m still filming so the plans for getting out there anytime soon are also on hold. After talking with several of the people who had intended to attend the lecture they asked if I had prepared notes. The answer is YES! I had planned something special for my trip to New York and thought I would make the notes available for anyone who’s interested.

If you’ve loved my material of recent (Devil 2, Midas touch) then you will dig these notes. It is practical real world material with twists, in-depth subtleties, principles and my own personal scripts for you to go out and blow minds.

There are new effects, never before talked about principles and re-workings/ handlings of a couple of my older effects making them appear brand new. All in all I’m proud of the lecture/ these notes.