Pellikaan's Package Two by Peter Pellikaan (video download)

Pellikaan's Package Two by Peter Pellikaan (video download)

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Peter Pellikaan - Pellikaan's Package Two

Pellikaan's Package Two
Magic download (video) by Peter Pellikaan ($20.00)

Two months ago we released a couple of downloads from Holland's Peter Pellikaan, and your response was overwhelming. They are some of our top-rated downloads. We're finally proud to unveil an all-new set of five downloads by Peter Pellikaan. As you'll see, the tricks look amazing in the trailer, and we ASSURE you they look just this good in real life. Pellikaan's magic is so potent and visual that many of our customers wrote in disbelief, claiming that a camera trick was the only solution. The real solution is FAR more clever than that.

Peter has an odd voice and his camera quality is not ideal, but MAN! Those tricks look like trick photography. Happily, all of them are achievable with a minimum of rehearsal time and preparation.

2014: How the @#$# did he do this? That's what we said when we saw this rapid change of cards to cards with holes, cards and then a card with a square hole.

No Kings: Aces change to Kings, and the backs change too. Smooth and pretty.

Snap: You show five cards unmistakably blank on both sides and then "snap" all five into a Royal Flush.

Simple and Quick: This is a great take on the all-backs plot.

Hole Change: In this strange effect, a hole and a blue card change places. It's weird, and we had no idea how it was done.

At heart, we're lovers of this kind of unusual and original card magic, and so we're very pleased to offer you more of Mr. Pelikaan's material.

Important: Peter Pelikaan's face never appears in his videos, they look homemade, his voice is rough, and his background is a mystery. Peter teaches fast, and doesn't speak much during the tutorials, but they are clear enough assuming that you already know standard moves such as false counts, displays and, on the very odd occasion, lapping. The camerawork isn't fancy by any means, but his astounding magic speaks for itself.

Running Time: approximately 23 minutes, 17 seconds