Pass With Care by Peter Cassford (DVD Download)

Pass With Care by Peter Cassford (DVD Download)

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Peter Cassford - Pass With Care

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Who needs another pass video? Pass with Care took me by surprise. It turns out we really need this one Pete Cassford's no nonsense approach shows you the pass can be invisible without busting your fingers. I was stunned by this slow-motion pass and you will be too. The best part is Pete makes it easy to be as good as he is. That's right the pass made easy practical and in slow motion The new camera methods make learning from this DVD a breeze. Finally a pass video that I can say I really love Not because of great graphics and slick packaging but because of what you can actually learn to do yourself.-Kenton Knepper
Learn to perform the classic pass in the real world-even surrounded Even if the pass feels way beyond your abilities with cards you really can learn to perform this staple move of card magic and in much less time than you think. On Pass with Care Peter Cassford has made learning the pass much easier shooting the move from both the spectators' and performer's views. Also included are special practice video loops-you can practice the key moves over and over while watching Peter perform them.
Also included is Peter's variation on the rock which he's been using to fool magicians across the country.