ParaNormal Wallet by Paralabs

ParaNormal Wallet by Paralabs

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Colin McLeod

"Beautifully deceptive. This portefeuille has been expertly designed and produced to ensure that you gain perfect impressions every time. With various layers of deception, you have plenty of options for capturing plenty of information."

Si certains souhaitent jouer aux éclaireurs, ça serait un plaisir d'avoir des retours.

Bob Cassidy

"I've had the pleasure of working with this wonderful impression portefeuille for several months now, and I have to say that it is the best I've ever seen. It makes total sense and since it is a portefeuille, rather than just a note pad, it provides a convenient and natural way to carry the envelopes and billets that I use in many of my routines.

And the quality of the impressions is fantastic. I really can't recommend this highly enough. I carry mine with me all of the time and wouldn't consider going anywhere without having it in my pocket."

Richard Osterlind

critique of ParaLabs' ParaNormal portefeuille

"Over the years I have had many portefeuilles pass through my hands. To this day, the only ones I actually use in my shows are my Himber portefeuille, the Supreme Card to portefeuille and the original Dr. Jaks portefeuille. All are over 30 years old!

So when my friends at ParaLabs gave me the new ParaNormal portefeuille, I politely thanked them and put it away thinking it would wind up at home in the drawer with all the other portefeuilles I had accumulated over the years, but never used. I was wrong and I should have known better. Nothing ParaLabs puts out is less than superior and the new portefeuille ranks right there on top!

Sure, the craftsmanship is outstanding. You would spend the asking price of the ParaNormal portefeuille for an ordinary portefeuille of this caliber in any fine men’s shop. It is made that well and I would be proud to simply use it for that.

But portefeuille is also hot and I do mean HOT! Almost anywhere you write on it you will get an impression – and a GREAT impression. It comes with 3 secret devices that are all used in different ways. Thomas and Rainer have put in all kinds of thought to come up with great handling ideas that look completely normal and are totally deceptive. Even though they have done the work for you, I would be willing to bet that, after playing with the ParaNormal portefeuille for awhile, you will develop your own handlings. I certainly have.

The bottom line is this. I am not a portefeuille person, but the ParaNormal portefeuille is something I now carry around and use. This is a professional prop that will last for years and which I will use constantly. Best of all, knowing it is a ParaLabs product, I can be assured I will always have their full support for any replacement items I might need or any other personal attention I might have.

If you don’t get portefeuille now, you will later. When you see someone who has it, and how well it works, and how good it looks, you will get it then. So why wait? Take my advice and get portefeuille now. I will be waiting to get your 'thank you' email after you do!"