Pablo Amira Penguin Live Online Lecture

Pablo Amira Penguin Live Online Lecture

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What will he teach?

“Minimal Mentalism”

ESPeriment #2: A fun opener that will allow you to predict an ESP symbol in a quick and 100% secure manner.

Coinage Prediction: A fun system to predict anything. Impromptu, no gimmicks.

Handy Mindreading: An unpublished propless method to reveal thoughts in a casual situation.

Tarot Dowsing : A wonderful routine using Tarot that features an amazing forcing technique that you can use as a substitution for Equivoque using a pendulum.

Dermovision: Let a participant experience a strange moment with just 5 ESP Cards

2 Thoughts: Read minds and predict future event just with 2 borrowed business cards.

Learned Intuition : Five participants onstage learning how to read minds. Entertaining routine with multiple moments of mystery.

Impromptu Peek Device: A new method to know thoughts in a simple and direct manner without classic methods.