On The Mark By Mark Elsdon (PDF instructions only)

On The Mark By Mark Elsdon (PDF instructions only)

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On The Mark By Mark Elsdon
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Named card in wallet. I have finally decided to release my killer (see what I did there?) named card in wallet effect. Inspired by Rich Bloch, Kenton Knepper and Marc Oberon, I wanted an effect that goes beyond anything previously devised and which fits the following criteria: •Only one wallet used. •No deck required. •Different card every performance. •The card they name is the exact one in the envelope no off by one or other outs. •No sleight-of-hand. •Perfect for both close-up and stand-up performance. On The Mark is that effect! It is fooling, practical and commercial, combining a real workers method with a powerful effect and an engaging presentation. Comes complete with PDF instructions. Available now.