Octet by John Carey (MP4 Video Download)

Octet by John Carey (MP4 Video Download)

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John Carey - Octet

How would you like 5 minutes of super strong Mentalism and card magic with just a small packet of playing cards? Well, look no further!
John Carey’s brand new 3 phase download Octet delivers in spades! A perfect series of impossibilities with just 8 cards that you will love learning and performing. Perfect for both zoom and real time performance. Here’s the heads up:
Eight cards are removed and shuffled. Your participant makes 4 incredibly fair choices and it’s revealed that they have somehow intuited the red cards as the remaining cards are shown to be 4 black cards. You will love John’s thinking and construction here.
In phase 2 all the cards are mixed and a row of 4 cards are dealt face down. Your participant then decides which of the remaining 4 cards go on top of each tabled card, firming pairs. With no equivoque you then reveal that the pairs match up perfectly! So clean, powerful and direct.
You could end right there but then John performs and teaches you his handling for the classic Dunbury Delusion using the 8 cards. To all the world it seems that things have gone completely wrong as a free selection is tried to be located. But the tables are turned and it’s found in a most surprising manner!
Peter joins John as they break down this modular performance piece. No stone is left unturned as John deconstructs the methods, which will have you performing Octet in no time at all!