Move Zero Vol 4 by John Bannon and Big Blind Media

Move Zero Vol 4 by John Bannon and Big Blind Media

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Move Zero IV sees renowned card master John Bannon unleash some of the most powerful and deceptive SLEIGHT-FREE card tricks ever invented. Swapping ingenious methods, audacious construction and sneaky wordplay for sleight of hand, Bannon will arm you with nine incredible routines that anyone can do... but will fool ANYONE!

Move Zero IV features some truly iconic and world class tricks - 'Power Of Poker' is perhaps the definitive word on 'the spectator makes all the choices' poker routines. 'Second Reckoning' is a truly unfathomable mystery that features a method almost as exciting and impressive as the trick! And, of 'Triplicty', magician Tim Trono said "If you buy this DVD for nothing but Triplicty, you will have received your investment back many times over."

These tricks are as far removed from the mathematical monstrosities found in most 'self-working card trick' projects as you could imagine. Built on the cornerstones of subtlety, elegance and sheer faceslapping impact, Bannon will arm you with routines that can be performed in any environment, at any time - and all achievable without resorting to a single move!

In addition to the nine featured routines there are also four hugely useful 'Trickbag' sections on the special methods John Bannon employs to such devastating effect. Put these devious techniques into your own arsenal and you'll be able to take your own magical creations to whole new levels of deceptiveness.

With a running time of 2hrs 22min, Move Zero IV is a massive resource, stuffed with incredible tricks, invaluable techniques, enlightening interviews and indispensable advice. Time to move into Move Zero IV!