Minimal Mentalism III by Pablo Amira (PDF Download)

Minimal Mentalism III by Pablo Amira (PDF Download)

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Pablo Amira - Minimal Mentalism III

Minimal Mentalism 3 Lecture from Pablo Amira
Strongly recommended


Meet renown mentalist Pablo Amira from Chile, in a rare U.S. lecture. JULY 31ST, 7 PM in a very personal setting in Kenton Knepper's home!

Address: 5095 W. Monterey Street, Chandler, Arizona 85226


If you are just getting the book here, be sure to let us know so we don't save you a seat at the lecture.



Pablo's NEW Lecture,  Minimal Mentalism III   Book your seat now, and you will also get Pablo's latest eBook, Minimal Mentalism III, right now, instantly. The eBook alone sells for $35

Pablo Amira is one of Kenton's famous students who is a Creator, Author and Mentalism Performer.

Pablo Amira offers in this lecture a fantastic combination of practical material for casual and professional repertoires.

Pablo is the founder of Mentalism Center, Co-Founder of Mystikos and constant contributor to different publications regarding Mentalism and Psychic Entertainment.

In this lecture you will learn routines from his books and new unpublished pieces that you can right after your attendance.

Mentalism ideas with playing cards, ESP cards, billets, common objects and more!


Lecture Content:
1. Tree Theory: A meta-theory in the study of Mystery Performance
2.Animalistic Opener: ANY animal is decided by your participant using a very fair procedure. From your bag you take a big photo of that precise animal!
3. Enchanting Connection: A full close up act using nothing more than a pendulum, some business card and the power of connection
4. Minimal Q&A: A minimal approach to the greatest Mentalism experience ever. Just some business cards are needed to create wonderful moments of reading, mindreading and precognition, revealing answers to thought of questions.
5. "Present Tarot" Reading System: My approach to offer a powerful, special an unique Tarot Reading.
6. NamePlace: A simple-to-execute interpretation of one of the classics from our Master Mindreader.
7. Dichotomic Certainty: A wonderful double-prediction, using a shuffled deck of cards in use.
8. Goal: A meaningful and powerful moment of mindreading, which features the UCCD, a new fun DIY gimmick that you can carry to create wonderful telepathic experiences.
9. E5PMancy: A Minimalistic reading approach using your 5 ESP Cards.
10.Solo: Only one playing card as prediction is left on the table. One card is mentally chosen using a fair procedure. 100% correct prediction.
 A new way to predict ANY playing card that you WILL USE.
11.Tangible Energies: A stage routine involving powerful energy and visual demonstrations.
12. The Unique Key: A wonderful mysterious and poetic version of the "Haunted Key" for couples.