Mindreading for Fun By The Graysons

Mindreading for Fun By The Graysons

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Mindreading for Fun By The Graysons


The Grayson's teach you a simplified and easy-to-learn version of their own professional master cue system; which will enable you and a partner to perform startling mindreading feats with a minimum of practice. Written with the beginner in mind, this course builds your skills step-by-step as you learn how to first code letters and numbers, and then, how to take advantage of sophisticated shortcuts for more complex tasks, like names and articles. The course culminates with a ready-to-use lecture and complete 17-minute act in which your blindfolded partner reveals the dates and values of coins or paper money, serial numbers on bills, any time an audience member's watch has been set to, the identity of various articles in people's pockets or purses, people's names and birthdates, the answers to mathematical problems, and more. A great introduction to two-person telepathy code work. 21 pages