Mindreading And Telepathy by Erik Jan Hanussen

Mindreading And Telepathy by Erik Jan Hanussen

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Mindreading And Telepathy by Erik Jan Hanussen
From the Book:

You are about to enter the rather strange world of Erik Jan Hanussen, who was a figure of mystery and controversy in the strange twilight world that existed in Germany between the two great wars...

..Also, There is a great deal of introductory material - four introductions by various people who were connected in some way with this kind of performance, as well as Hanussen's own introductory and oft-times pseudo scientific, pseudo historical material. All of it will give you some insight into the way Hanussen thought as well as his own background and experiences. It is definitely worth reading, especially Banachek's, because he is quite experience in this field...

So what's all this fuss about Hanussen, anyway? Could he really read minds? That depends on whose definition you use. By his definition - yes. Was he really a telepath? Again, that depends on the definition you use. By his definition - yes.

Bill Palmer (Translator)

...Hanussen was, without any doubt, a man who didn't want to be content with success alone. He wanted more; he wanted power, and this at all costs. Therefore, he was absolutely unscrupulous if it were necessary to be unscrupulous in order to obtain it. It clearly follows from the numerous biographies that concern themselves with the personality of Hanussen that he often crossed the borders of the morally justifiable on those occasions. In the end, his hunger for power also cost him his life.

But now to the content of this rare book: rare, if only, as I learned form Jimmy Bix, because before connecting himself to the Nazi movement, Hanussen took care that all available copies were withdrawn from circulation. This also happened with his 300 page thick book - Die Weltseele...

...So, this book is a true treasure trove for everyone who wants to study Hanussen himself, and the material upon which his enormous fames was based - for whatever reason.

Ulf Bolling-Borodin (From the Foreword)