Michel Clavello Penguin Live Online Lecture

Michel Clavello Penguin Live Online Lecture

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Michel Clavello LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

"Michel has fooled me over and over with all the subtle moves, and I will remember always when he did the "cage" for me, the first time, and then explained ...; WHAOOUU... Now, he explains everything, and nothing is hidden... I really think that what he gives is the most versatile hidden friend, both for close-up or stage, that any lover of our Art can dream of..."- Gaetan Bloom

"My congratulations to Michel. The magic tricks that Michel explains, and I saw up to now, are all terrific! He transmits his enthusiasm on the subject and he has an excellent ability to communicate. Michel made a master work, made by a real "Maestro"."- Roberto Giobbi

"Michel's lecture is the most enjoyable and magical lecture I've ever seen"- Fantasio

"The invisible hand is terrific and I think smart magicians will be rapturous".- Jon Racherbaumer

"You have put out routines of strong commercial value. Your Vanishing Cage is TERRIFIC! Simply put, you fooled me the first time I saw the routine. I'm only sorry I didn't get it from you privately".- David Alexander


What will he teach?

The Destiny Card
T.O.D. Kozuch 
Psimbol Deck
Psimind Deck
The Gift- A triple stage or parlor predictions with audience participation.
It's in your genes- Ultra baffling and funny prediction.
The Impossible Book Test- The most spectacular "Book Test" using a regular 900 pages book.
The money in your Pocket
Your place in the world
The Invisible Hand:
   The Silk Story
   Ball & paper bag routine
   No Way Cut & Restored Rope
   Flash Coin & Silk

Who is he?

Michel was born in La Plata Argentine in 1957. He has a degree in Economy but he left the profession 30 years ago. He is a full time professional magician and mentalist. He usually runs his one man show "Decisions" and he's one of the most requested performers for corporate shows. 
Michel has published several books and notes in magic magazines. He developed his world famous "Invisible Hand" and many other effects. Michel is the owner of Vernet Magic, one of the world famous leading manufacturers in magic. Michel has performed and lectured all over the world. Since 1973 he has won several prizes on Congresses in South America and in 1985 won the first prize in manipulation at A.F.A.P. Congress in France.
Lectures and Tours Shows
EMC 2012 – Portugal, Luis De Matos
Blackpool Convention 2011 – United Kingdom
F.I.S.M. Convention – The Hague 2003 Holland.
F.F.F.F – Buffalo, U.S.A.
Magic Castle- Los Angeles, U.S.A.
Stevens Desert Magic Seminar- Las Vegas, U.S.A.
Magic on The Beach – Miami, U.S.A.
Florida State Convention – Orlando U.S.A.

Lectures and Congress
Spain, Portugal, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, France, Holland, Germany, Italy, Argentine, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico and Switzerland.