Marvin Berglas - 110 Amazing Magic Tricks With Everyday Objects PDF

Marvin Berglas - 110 Amazing Magic Tricks With Everyday Objects PDF

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110 Amazing Magic Tricks With Everyday Objects


For the young ones and beginners?? if you want to learn magic you must read this book by Marvin Berglas. It is a book that contains over a 110 magic tricks that can be done with everyday objects like pencils?? spoons?? cups etc. The tricks are actually very easy to do and guaranteed to entertain your audience every time. The tricks that are taught in this book are actually not new. Almost every beginner’s book on magic would have the same tricks being taught. However I think that the purpose of teaching these tricks is to actually develop the magician. By learning these tricks the magician would actually learn the basic concepts of magic like effects and sleights. The tricks are actually well explained. It includes the effect and of course the secret to the trick. The instructions for doing the tricks are actually quite clear but they really lack illustrations to make the explanation really easier. Also a thing lacking about these instructions are presentation pointers and tips. Since the tricks are basic?? I think that teenagers and adults especially those who are wouldn’t really like reading this book. Also most of the tricks require a lot of preparation and that makes them inapplicable to show to adults?? since they all tend to become skeptical when they see magic tricks. The entire book is actually a good start if you are interested in magic. The tricks that are taught are actually easy to do but it takes time because of preparations and of course the time needed for a lot of practice. Also the tricks here are entertaining but of course be careful when showing them to adults because adults really tend to be skeptical.