Mark Strivings - Pseudo Psi

Mark Strivings - Pseudo Psi

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Mark Strivings - Pseudo Psi


Seven new mentalism effects and an essay of importance to all mentalists. It's a new collection from Mark Strivings featuring:

"Pseudo-Psi," which contains updated handlings of four Strivings standards, "ESP In My Pocket" (two versions), "The Dakota Miracle," and "The Precognitive Phinger Puppet," all receive new handlings and treatments. Come see where these effects have gone!

Also included are three previously unpublished effects. "One Deck Premonition," "Longshot Lotto," and "Psychic Influence" will all get you thinking (and doing). Also included is an essay on "Labeling The Mentalist," which will get you thinking!

Amazing effects that have become the trademark of Mark Strivings' brand of mindbending mentalism. Nearly 50 pages, comb bound in card covers.