Mark Southworth Penguin Live Online Lecture

Mark Southworth Penguin Live Online Lecture

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Who is he?

Mark Southworth has been a Magician for over 20 years & lives in the UK. Mark regularly performs Close Up Magic at Various Events across Europe & honed his skills whilst working in Europe's Leading Magic Shop, JB MAGIC.

During his time here, Mark would learn from "The Best", Mark Mason, & kick start his already inventive mind for creating magic. Mark's first release to the magic world, Shoe't was very well received!

From here, Mark has carried on this creative path & has created DVDs & Effects used by leading TV Magicians today including: Sucker Punch, Double Cross, The Box, Surefire DVD, and Shoe't. And there are many more in the pipeline!

What will he teach?

3D Realization ( Flat 8 Ball ) An eye popping pool ball production with a cartoon ending!

Box All the work on Card To Boxes!

Double Cross Mark shares all the unseen work on double cross. The X Vanish will make your head spin!

Suckerpunch Mark shares some of his favorite routines, tips & advice.

Reject Deck A visual effect from start to finish with a commercial deck you already own!

Audience Chop Cup Mark's audience takes the chop cup to the next level, leaving your spectator as The Star Of The Show!

EF Super Swindle 2 cards transpose in the most impossible way.

Card Under Glass Transposition Mark's twist on Mark Mason's Card Under Glass.

Card In Phone A 21st century way of card to phone with a unique twist with the spectator's phone.

Think Of A Card All the work on Mark's Think of a Card.