Mark Elsdon - The Inevitable

Mark Elsdon - The Inevitable

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Mark Elsdon - The Inevitable


We strongly believe thatThe Inevitableis one of the best pieces Mark Elsdon has created. He has used it as the closer at every single private and house party he has worked for the last couple of years and itkills.

"The Inevitable is one of the strongest and most clever uses of The Invisible Deck I've ever witnessed. It went directly into my performance repertoire and can quickly become the perfect closer (or encore piece) for you, too!" Paul Vigil

As Paul says above, it uses an Invisible Deck, and we honestly believe it is one of the most powerful uses of the Invisible Deck that you could possibly perform. The Invisible Deck, however, is just one part of it; there is so much more to it than that. It is and it isn't an Any Card At Any Number; it is and it isn't a prediction; it is and it isn't a revelation.

Playable as the most impossible magic or the most incredible mentalism, The Inevitable is as close to a miracle as a card trick can probably be to a layman.