Mark Elsdon LIVE 2 (Penguin LIVE)

Mark Elsdon LIVE 2 (Penguin LIVE)

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Mark Elsdon LIVE 2 (Penguin LIVE)


Mark is back with MORE original Magic and Mentalism that achieves MAXIMUM impact and affect!

"Mark Elsdon is a renaissance man in magic. He is equally adept at inventing, performing, creating, and theorizing about magic. He consults for television, lectures, and performs, all with equal proficiency. And, he's one of my favorite guys to watch."-Joshua Jay

"Mark Elsdon is on a very short list of magic and mentalism's most creative innovators. When Mark lets me in on what he's working on, I'm ALWAYS fooled badly and find something to add to my own work."-Bill Abbott

"Mark Elsdon is my secret weapon. Well, he was until I told you about him. He's the first, and usually only, person I turn to when I get stuck. Why? Because he constantly finds unique and practical solutions to creating astonishing magic. The man's brain is a goldmine of quality ideas and material. And when not solving Rubik's cubes, one handed... whilst wearing a blindfold, he's out in the real world presenting this stuff live on stage and for performers on TV. Mark does that rare thing and gives away so much in a lecture. So take a notepad and pay attention."-Colin McLeod

"Mark is one of the most creative magicians or mentalists I know, with a depth of knowledge and an inherent understanding of what can turn a simple trick into a powerful mind-**** for laymen."-Quentin Reynolds

"Mark gives one of the most inspiring lectures I’ve ever seen. I envy you seeing him for the first time."-Marc Oberon

"I've known Mark for over 15 years, he is a fantastic performer, his effects are clear of clutter or too much process, something he taught me to reduce years ago. He always has a fresh angle on classics and creates some of the best commercial effects I've seen. I love his creations but also love watching him perform. You are in for a treat."-Marc Spelmann

What will he teach?

In his second Penguin LIVE lecture, Mark Elsdon teaches wholly original magic and mentalism, PLUS the techniques and methods used behind the scenes to achieve maximum impact and affect for his audiences. This includes:

Walkaround card and coin magicPractical, commercial material that can be performed under any conditions.

Close-up mentalismFor those times when you want your performance to have more resonance and leave a lasting impression on people.

Stand-up mentalismShort on process and long on entertainment. Focusing on the interaction with the audience, this time-tested material is ready to go straight into your act.

Conversation As MentalismA whole section on his critically-acclaimed material which includes killer mentalism effects that you can perform anytime, anyplace and without any props! These effects and more have been designed with one outcome in mind – to amaze whoever you are talking to without the aid of any gadgets, gizmos or gimmicks.

Who is he?

Mark Elsdon has been performing magic and mentalism professionally for 28 years. He has authored a dozen books and many, many more single-release tricks and has been a popular lecturer throughout Europe and the USA for the last 20 years. He focuses his creativity on devising powerful and memorable material that is designed to end up in your repertoire, not in your junk drawer. For the last few years, he has also been writing magic and entertainment shows for a variety of TV networks worldwide.

Mark’s bestselling tricks and books include: Chaos and Order, Before I Forget, Bring Me The Head, Zenner-Tech, Rubik Remembered, In The Frame, iBalance, But Not Here, Worker’s Diary, SpyPad, Conversation As Mentalism, The Last Word, Mentalism Reveals, On The Mark, B’Voque, Covert Adaptions, Guaranteed Jackpot and more!