Marion Boykin - Short Pockets

Marion Boykin - Short Pockets

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KrazyKoinz Across - Marion's popular Coins Across routine!

Copper/Silver-Surprise! - Spellbound with only two coins!

The MB-Transpo - An eye popping color change that looks like real magic.

MB's Coin Through Card - Simplicity at it's best. A coin penetrates an ordinary playing card!

Bonus Effect: Ike & Mike PMP - A routine to work on all of your sleights. Great for practicing and honing your presentational skills.

Includes 5 explanation videos for all of the effects in the notes.

This package also includes a PDF file with written instructions for all of the effects in easy to follow instructions!

Too cool! Another MB winner! This shows why he earned the nickname "Smooth." MB is an impressive coin man and this again showcases his talent. What I like about his style is that there are no fishy moves. Here's a coin-BAM!-it changes. He's so fluid in his actions. - Christopher Kavanaugh
What can I say except this was GREAT!!!!!! I'm going to be honest I got a lot out of this