Marc Ruiz - The Thought Leakage

Marc Ruiz - The Thought Leakage

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Marc Ruiz - The Thought Leakage

Marc Ruiz presents The Thought Leakage. An spectator think a Card, using his imagination he dangles it into the Air. After some seconds, his card really disappears from the deck. The Magician produces the Card from the Air. Direct and Powerful. And with an unexpected ending.

This is the First Publication of the young Spanish Magician Marc Ruiz. A bold, direct andspectacularTrick. With a perfect Theory Base and a construction thought for every detail.

Get ready for The Thought Leakage.

Get into a detailed explanation of this spectacular Trick. Along 43 minutes you will see with Marc Ruiz:

The Origins.
The Setup.
the 4 Explanation Phases. Whole Explanation about all the Base Trick. 4 Phases Structure. You will see every move, word and subtlety
Overview. Over the Shoulder view of every detail.
The Production: Details. Standing Production.
Tips and Advices: General. Specific.
Discover every single secret corner to plan your own Thought Leakage. Make an atonishing routine yours.