Making A Living by Carl Andrews video download

Making A Living by Carl Andrews video download

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You can't go wrong with Carl Andrews. His experience in working walk around and resort areas are now available to you. The first part of this video is Carl's ingenious and entertaining routines he uses everyday, shown then taught. The second half of the video is worth a $1000.00 or more to the serious magician in this field. Carl pulls up a barstool and gives a lecture on getting work in restaurants, walk around, and other venues. He even goes into teaching you how to make venues where none existed before.

Routines Included:

  • The Jumbo Coin (Gregory Wilson's Dishonest Abe) - This is the growing coin plot as a regular penny grows to a silver dollar size penny and then climaxes by exploding into a 3" jumbo penny. Carl brings thoughtful nuances to this marketed effect and his jumbo production at the end fooled me hard (despite the fact I've performed this routine as my opener for the past 3 years!)
  • Déjà vu - Swain's airmail card combined with the Two Ton Transpo. Climaxes with the Sankey idea of a card appearing on a paper clip that's been in full view the entire time. Carl also tosses in some great ideas on maintaining a two-card stack. 
  • The World Famous Two Coin Trick - Hopping Half without having 40 bucks 'hop' out of your pocket - he does it with real coins! The coins can be examined at the beginning without having to sacrifice anything visually during the routine. 
  • You Don't Know Jack - Another line I use incessantly. This time it's the title for Carl's version of Mike Close's Frog Prince. If you don't already perform this, you'll want to start. Carl has brought some great ideas to the table for this great "non card" card trick.
  • Amazing - You'll fast forward to the explanation.
  • Picture Perfect - The selected cards develop on two blank cards
  • Beanie Weenies - The cup a ball routine with a empty can of beans - they're "has beans!""