Magic with Cigarettes By Mario Lopez

Magic with Cigarettes By Mario Lopez

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Mario Lópezintroduces us to theMagic with Cigarettes. In this detailed explanation we are going to see the Hinge and the Spike aplied to the Magic with Cigarettes. It includes a vastApplicationssection:Cigarette Recomposition,3 type of False Breaking tecniquesand theSteal and Breaking of 1/2 Cigarettedirectly from the packet.

All of thisaccompanied by an interestingGeneral TipsandReflexions about the Impromptu Natureof this type of Magic. Where you can find aspects aboutConstructionandMagic Composition.

More than 20 minutes next to one of the mostcreativeminds. Are you ready?


-Tecniques: Hinge and Spike. Detailed explanation to be able to master two of the most awesome tecniques for the Magic with Cigarettes. Mario explain us his modifications to the Classic idea and, with all the details, every littlesubtlety.

- Applications:

Cigarette Recomposition. Awesome routine where two pieces of Cigarette join together to became an entire one. Indispensable.
3 Type of false Breaking Tecniques. Detailed study about Cigarette breakingtypologies. Magic Composition ideas and potential without limit.
Steal and Breaking of 1/2 Cigarettedirectly from the packet. One of the most crazy and originals idea we have see it. Undetectable.
-Tips. Problems and Solutions to master the tecnique in anyenvironment andweather.

-Reflexions: Impromptu Nature. Cigarettes MagicImpromptu Nature Analysis. Ideas and routines Construction.