Magic Magazine - January 2014

Magic Magazine - January 2014

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Magic Magazine - January 2014


It's Wonderful — Life By Mike Bent

In his magic career, David Oliver was known for mentoring and unfailingly helping others. When he was diagnosed with a fatal lung disease stemming from his many years of performing with birds, the magic community returned the favors, helping David beat the odds with a double lung transplant.

Don't Trust Andrew Mayne By Rory Johnston

When magician and trick inventor Andrew Mayne takes to the streets, peculiar things happen — sometimes just puzzling, sometimes teaching a victim a lesson, and all captured on a new A&E television series.

Harry Monti: Conjuring, Cups, and Castle By Randy Kalin and Alan Howard

Last November, Harry Monti set a record unlikely to be beaten: performing at the Magic Castle every year for the past half-century. And that's just one of the many accomplishments of this magician, escape artist, and creator of enduring magic props.

Snapshots of History By Stan Allen

Every two years, the Los Angeles Conference on Magic History is held by invitation only. The 2013 edition featured another enviable display of classic magic and scholarly presentations.

Gary Peterson, Making His Case By Rory Johnston

After leaving a career in magic to become one of the world's leading builders of shipping cases, Gary Peterson returned to his performance roots by creating his own theater within his manufacturing plant and warehouse.