Lukas - Artist System

Lukas - Artist System

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"Poetic. Artistic. Lukas elevates the art of magic with every card he produces." - Jeff McBride

"Lukas is one of those rare souls who elevates the art of magic to the level of fine art. Prepare to be inspired!" - Charlie Frye

Lukas, the 2012 FISM Blackpool 2nd Prize Winner in Manipulation, brings you the first two sets of his Artist Project.

The Artist Project, is a series of DVD sets that introduce you to the vast compilation of the Korean manipulator Lukas’ works. Lukas has been performing and teaching magic in South Korea for almost 10 years, and has produced many successful professional magicians. You will see him perform, and teach his stylish modern stage magic, especially in the field of manipulation. They are all non-verbal lectures, teaching you the most basic skills to the truly magical techniques.

Artist System is an incredibly creative DVD that teaches you the systems of a stage act - tips and tricks useful to any magician interested in taken their act to the next level.

The DVD introduces and teaches you the correct method of using various devices and accessories in stage magic, from magnets, wires, reels, to the Topit, sleeving and the black art. You will find true gems within this well thought out DVD project, learning how to use, improve, and digest real stage magic.

DVD Contents

?Arm Band System
?Basic Reel System
?Best Reel System
?Bubble System
?Floating System
?Miser’s Dream System
?Rubber Band System
?Blaze System
?Reel Routine 1
?Reel Routine 2
?Arm Band, Black Art
?Blaze, BountyBubble Routine
?Miser’s Dream
?Modern Times
?Modern Times – the making
?Nicky’s Wish
?Rubber Band Silk
?Silk to Ball
?Slip Holder
?Cane Holder
?SILK Comparison
?Wire Ball